Thursday, 24 December 2009

'Twas the night before...

Oh my gosh. I can not believe how quick this year has gone! Christmas eve already :D
The only thing that's bothering me is that i'm not actually in a very Christmas-y mood anymore. In saying that though, the snow is definitely helping :) Yes! We actually have snow this year! Proper snow! It's amazing :D
So Tuesday was the last day of school (finally) ^^ Alex came back on the bus with us to get ready for people coming over that night. We were...taking a break and throwing small bits of snow at each other. My sister was shouting at us so i said to him "Why don't we go out front and have a proper snowball fight?". So we ran outside and had a big snowball fight next to the main road xD We got absolutely soaked! :D So yeah it was awesome. Some old guy told me i had good aim xD

This post was really just to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas <3
I love you all :]
Bye byee xx

The Formal Wall of Death...

I feel kind of bad for not blogging sooner :( I feel like i've let myself down in a way, but anyway, here i go :)
So Wednesday the 9th was my Christmas dance. I wasn't really looking forward to it as i really didn't feel well and didn't particularly like my outfit but i was going anyway :)
After getting ready with Morv, we set off. We spent the next half hour or so annoying her mum. Morv started barking like a dog so i started meowing like a cat. Her mum actually stopped the car and told us to get out xD
So we got there, met up with everyone, commented on outfits, mingled a bit. Then went into the actual dance hall. I got to dance with Daryl first ^^ Then a group one xD (wearing high heels for the group dance was not a very good idea xP) So yeah i got to dance with...many people :D
Later on in the night we went out into the hall to hang out a bit. Me and Morv had been joking for ages about how we were going to start a pit during a formal dance and we told Daryl and everyone. We then decided to have a mosh pit out in the hall xD Then had a Wall Of Death and Sean ended up getting flung onto a table :O It was hilarious...Turns out, my maths teacher had been watching us the whole time :P
So it was a really good night :D But that's really all i can write about it :]
Bye for now

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Little Brown Envelope...

So, me and Morv had made a deal with my mum that we would work in her hairdressers to work off the money we owe her for the concert tickets that we bought. So the Saturday that's just passed, we had our first day of work.
It was weird though, because it's where i went for work experience, i knew what to do but Morv didn't. So i got to teach her! xD It was odd because just in September, i was getting taught by my mum, then i was the one teaching Morv :P
So yeah, it was the same old repetitive jobs that i did in September, but this time, i had Morv with me ^^

For 6 and a half hours we kept our eye on the clock waiting for time to go home :D Then, we got our little brown envelope - Our pay for the day :D It made the work so much more worth while ^^

So when we had finished working, we went home and then we got ready for going to the Cathouse - for those of you who don't know, the Cathouse is an underage club in Glasgow.
As the club is for...a certain style of people, the girls who work with us spent the day talking about the people they've seen going to the cathouse. They started talking about "The boys with the makeup and the hair all over their face" :P Me and Morv were just looking at each other thinking "yep, that's our style" xD It was pretty funny.

So we got a lift to the club where we were going to meet up with our other friends who were already there. We went up to the entrance, up to the bouncers at the door. They asked "How are we doing?" (or something) but Morv thought they said "where are you going" so she said "We're going in". The bouncers then started joking saying "woah, she's aggressive" :P It was hilarious! Then they said they wanted to speak to the nice one and asked how that is, me and Morv both looked at Nicole. The bouncers looked at her and talked to her, then looked at me and said "So you must be the shy one, the shy cheeky one". I answered "probably". Then after some more jokes, they let us in :P

We were walking into the actual club part and bumped into Rory and Ali (2 of the people we were meeting) so they led us to everyone else ^^ So yeah, i don't really know what to write about now. The night was awesome :D Daryl wrote his phone number on a bit of paper and wrote "call me" on it, then just before he left, he gave it to us. We put it on the bar. Then later we noticed the guy behind the bar put all the rubbish in the bin but kept the phone number :P

That's really all the interesting stuff i can be bothered to write about ^^
Awesome night. Going again soon hopefully.
Bye for now.

Friday, 20 November 2009

A Burst Lip and Other Stories...

It's late and i'm waiting for my nails to dry, so i thought, what better time to blog?!

So Tuesday was the third concert in the last two months.
Rise Against!

Yes it was on a school day, and yes, i had stayed up until 4am on Sunday night. So yes, i was completely shattered. Luckily that all went away once i was in the venue. Me and Morv had arrived like 40 minutes early so we had to stand out in the cold for AGES!

We were right up near the front of the stage which was awesome. This one particular guy was trying dead hard to get in front of me, and he had his elbow in my throat so i was having difficulty breathing so i decided to scratch his elbow. He moved it.
But enough of that, after two opening acts and about 2 Rise Against songs, i had to get out of the crowd before i passed out, i tried to drag Morv but she got left behind D: After i shoved many obnoxious people out of the way i finally got out of the crowd and got some air. After standing like a loner for about 2 songs i decided just to get back into the crowd. So with the help of my awesome 'group-dashing' skills where i jumped from one group of people to another one closer to the stage i eventually found myself in the centre of the mosh pit O.o
At first i was like...freaked cause i appeared to be the only girl...then i just embraced the epic-ness and went with it. The 'Glasgow Circle' was awesome! xD
Now, the most interesting thing to of happened to me at a gig so far (well probably not, but still hilarious) was that, after a while, i started to feel a slight bump on my bottom lip. I don't know how it happened. Here are my possibilities:
When i got full-force kicked in the face by a crowd surfer (who failed miserably)
When i got shoved into multiple people.
Or perhaps i just got punched in the face?

I never did find Morv until the after the gig. When it was over i stayed in the middle of the floor looking for her. Then, finally when i saw her head popping up i RAN towards her and practically jumped on her xD
Then, after discussing how we lost each other, i said "I think i burst my lip!" She replied with "Oh my god you have actually!" The first thing i did when i got home was run to the mirror to see it. Then i showed my mum xD

The next day at school, in PSE we each had to say something about ourselves that others may not know. I couldn't think of anything so i said "I'm Cara and last night i burst my lip." That of course exploded into a ton of questions from my classmates. Morv kindly told them for me that i was in a mosh pit. Two days later and some of the boys still can't believe it! xD

So yeah. The concert was AMAZING (go see them if you get the chance). The mosh pit was AWESOME. And my regi class are HILARIOUS!
I came out of that concert with a burst lip, bruises on my back and chest, a sore arm, sore legs, a sore neck and sore feet and a really sore toe. I don't have a single regret. Oh, plus a cut on my leg. No idea how that happened xD

Signed, the injured 'mosher' :P
Lots of love,

Monday, 2 November 2009

It Only Lasts One Night...

Yes, Finally xD One of my favourite time of the year has came but unfortunately, ended D:


So this year, we had a Halloween party for like the 3rd year in a row :D It's the one time of the year where you can dress up as anything and not look weird xD Plus you get to play silly little games! What more could you ask for xD

So after some last minute costume regrets the first guests arrived xD After everyone arrived we got right into the games.

I love seeing what everyone is dressed up as xD I looked out the window and saw a group of guys dressed up as the different shapes from the game Tetris :D We all ran out of the house to see them. Another thing i love about Halloween is you see the strangest 'characters' walking together :P While we were outside admiring the Tetris costumes, an 'Edward Cullen' walked by holding hands with a 'Lara Croft' :P We also saw a santa running about with a clown :)

In saying that, our group probably looked the weirdest :P We consisted of a lion (me xD), a pirate, a nerdy witch, a dead rapunzel, a cowgirl, a crime scene investigator, an Elwood Blues and a mad hatter :D

It was an awesome night complete with some nasty food, a lot of donuts and Morven being pranked xD but i wont go into that :P You know the saying a picture's worth a thousand words? Well...the picture that came with that prank definately is :P

Here's some more pictures from the night :)

Ahh the donut game...What fun...And to think this is the least embarassing photo i could find from that game :P I thought i'd put one of me up and save me the hassle of being killed by my friends :P
Oh my gosh! I had completely forgotten about one of the funniest moments of the night! So me and my sister had planned a little surprise for the guests but we needed 3 other people to help out. So after we'd got them in on it, we got ready and went ahead with it :P
We had got our mum to flip the breaker switch on the house so all the power went off :D But what the other guests didn't know was that Ali, plus 3 others had sneaked up stairs.
While i was convincing everyone that it was a real powercut, the other 4 were preparing for the prank. It's a good thing i'm quite good at acting (lying :P) When the power came back on the 4 people upstairs screamed and we all went running up ;P Then, Ali came behind dressed as death :P The reactions were pretty funny :P

Well yeah. That's all i have to write about that xD
Happy late Halloween. Oh, and Happy November!
Toodles x.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Okay. Yeah it's late again but i've just been a bit busy but i have time so here i go :)
So...Sunday 25th October...In case you didn't know, that was the night of Fightstar!

It was so awesome!
The warm up acts were Prego, Young Guns! and Saving Aimee! <3 They were all friggin' amazing! Unfortunately, we were stuck with a shitty crowd and almost no one was getting into the music. Luke <3 -the lead singer of Saving Aimee- is such an amazing entertainer xD He was so funny on stage and just awesome.

So me and Morv were quite close to the front of the stage when it started and we were sticking together. Then, when Fightstar came on the whole crowd just ran forward and i got shoved to the very front so i was thinking "Hey awesome". Then i looked around for Morv and realised she was stuck somewhere else away from me :P So me and her were separated for the whole show but it was amazing being that close to the stage despite the compact-ness of it all xD
Throughout the show people kept crowdsurfing to the front but had to be dragged off by the security. So there was a tone of people getting dropped on people. I got kicked in the face by one of them...It was pretty funny.
At one point i was like head banging and then got thrown back a bit and whacked someone in the face with my head...I felt bad. Then later...I had my arm in the air and was pushed back again and kinda punched a boy in the face...I felt worse. Cause it was this sweet boy that had been staying really close to me the whole concert. He was cute.

So the whole concert was just amazing!

But...I haven't told you the most exciting part of the whole thing :P
Half way through Fightstar's set, i noticed the girls in front of me started getting escited and pointing to the side of the stage so i looked over and noticed Luke from Saving Aimee. So just for a laugh i waved, and then he waved back <3 Ahahaha i sound like some little child getting all excited :P But that's not the half of it... As me and Morv were heading out of the venue, this guy walked right in front of us and i noticed what he was wearing and the tattoos on his arm and suddenly realised that it was one of the guys from Young Guns! Oh my gosh i couldn't believe it!
I know what you're thinking...but it doesn't end there!
Outside the venue people were selling Young Guns cds! So i went to get my money out my pocket and then the guy was like "Yeah go on i know you want one." So i bought it and i was really happy :) Then, a while later, Morv pointed out to me that she thought the guy who sold me the cd was actually the frontman of YOUN GUNS! At first i wasn't sure but now, looking at his picture i'm sure it was actually him! Wow...I was so happy xD
So yeah. It was an awesome night! Loved every minuite of it!

So now, i'm taking a break from the gigs until November 17th when i'm going to see Rise Against :D
So i hope everyone else had as good a time as i did at Fightstar.
And, cute boy...If you're out there. I apologise for hitting you in the face xP ^-^
Bye for now. (I will probably blog again soon :) In fact i definately will :D)
Lots of love.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sorry It's Late (Part Two)

I've been so excited about writing this blog for ageeeees - Well, not exactly ages but you get the point xD
Sunday 18th October. One of the best fucking nights EVER!
Me, Morv, Nicole and Eilidh all went to see the awesome All American Rejects! I never thought i could love them any more than i already did - until they came out onto the stage!

Tyson! Ooft! I could not be any more in love with him. He's such an awesome performer. I would absolutely LOVE to meet him! The whole atmosphere there was just amazing!

Their opening song! Oh my god! MOVE ALONG! It was such a great song to start with and was just bloody amazing!
Words can't actually describe how great it was. Like seriously. In fact there you go. See for yourself xD

This one - of the many- girls that fainted from the heat and all, Tyson started talking to her! Oh my god i almost died xD I actually wanted to faint JUST so that he would talk to me! Oh my god!

Every single song they did was just **screams for lack of words good enough to explain the awesome-ness**

I actually can't wait 'til they come back to Scotland!
His closing speech and the closing song.

"I'm not telling you to fucking be like me.
I'm not telling you to fucking dress like me.
I'm telling you to fucking be yourselves and listen to the fucking rejects!" Tyson.

With lots of love.

Sorry it's late (Part one)

Yeah so i am sorry that it is extremely late but it's better late than never. So here it goes.

Saturday 17th October was my birthday :) Yeah so i got up early and was greeted by my family - plus my presents of course xD.

 I was just having a chilled day at home until i received a text from Nicole asking if i wanted to go to the cinema, her treat :D We decided on seeing the Invention of Lying and it was really good. I recommend. It was a nice surprise so thank you Nicole :D

What i got:
Five cds
A singstar game :D
A T-shirt
A Hello Kitty toastie maker AND a space hopper from my sister xD She knows me too well :D
Some cute hand warmers and legwarmers
A bag, a cupcake and a special framed drawing/caricature of me from Morv
A trip to the cinema and a £10 New Look gift voucher from Nicole
Plus money xD

So thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday :) <3

I apologise for this being a rather boring post D: I didn't really know what to write about...Clearly.
The newly turned 15 year old.
Love you all.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Mysterious Post-its...

Okay, so last night's blog post was about my new 'Goal of the Day' segment in my slightly bizarre life.
I'd made it my goal that by midnight 14-10-09 i must try to get as many post-it notes on Joanna's back as possible. So i got my post-its at the ready and made my first cunning move to get the post-it on her back :D It worked :D And i managed to get 9 more on her back without her realising a thing! So a total of ten xD
Then, she went to get changed and i knew she'd realise...You know what? She didn't actually realise, she saw them, but just thought they all must of fallen on her jumper xD I waited until 4:30am to tell her! It was pretty funny :P
The second part of my 'Goal of the Day' was that i must scare her at some point during the day. I succeeded at that twice xD

So that's all i have to write about today xD
Bye byee.
With love.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


That last post was actually delayed about an hour due to my mum coming into my fort and handing me a Nerf gun (one that fires foam darts) but said it didn't work. She then left and after a few seconds of tinkering i suddenly shot it all the way across my bedroom floor and all of a sudden all my family could hear was me shout "AWESOME!".

My sister soon came running into my room asking me what i'd done. I went down to tell my mum that i got it working and shot one at my Ali (my sister). She then grabbed the gun off me and attempted to shoot one. She failed. Miserably :P She tried again. She failed again. I claimed that it only worked if you had mad ninja skills like me.

Then, all of a sudden it had turned into an Epic Battle between me and Ali. We ran about the house like mad battling it out for possession of the gun xD I kept running back to my fort for safety. It actually worked.

So after about 40 minutes - Yes! a whole 40 minutes- of running about Ali surrendered and gave up the amunition :D I win!

I am so glad that i made this fort. It provided me with much more fun than was expected :D
I love childish fun. I must do stuff like this more often. I can't wait til the next time my friends stay over xD
You'd never guess that i'm turning 15 in 3 days xD

Happy fort building to anyone that is awesome enough to take up the challenge of making one xD.
And Happy Nerf Wars :D
Love you all.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Getting Younger...

Here's the story.

Last night, while flicking through the posts on MLIA. I got so many good, funny ideas, stuff that i want to do. I even got an idea for what i want to do for my birthday :D Most of the ideas are just silly wee pranks and stuff. I got into a really childish mood (this was at like 12pm - 2am so it might of been the lack of sleep :P) and i made myself a Goal Of The Day that i said i must complete today (13-10-09). And i did complete it. Here it is :D

Yes! I made a fort :D I just had the random childish urge to make one :) I have now been sitting inside here for a few hours now xD

I'm liking this 'Goal of the Day' thing so i've decided i'm going to see if i can keep it up for a while :)

So the plan for tomorrow is that Joanna (my sisters old friend) is coming over for a sleepover. So, hopefully i'll be able to involve her in it. So i'm thinking i might do more of a prank goal tomorrow :D We'll just have to wait and see what my little mind can come up with :P

Until next time.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Curling Up...

So, i'm in my room and it's freezing! :P
So i'm curled up in my duvet reading the posts on my new favourite site which i'll post a link to in a minute :)
It's such a funny site and really addictive. I must of gone through about 6 pages of posts xD It's a great site to read if you're upset or in a bad mood :D
It's basically a site where people write in and say funny stuff that happened to them that day. Here's a few examples of peoples' posts... (P.S "MLIA" stands for My Life Is Average, the name of the website)...

"Today, my teacher broke the school's $3000 projector. She told us she'd give us all stickers if we blamed it on the substitute from the day before. Guess who's now got a dinosaur on their phone? MLIA."
"Today, I was in church. The sermon was especially long, so to ease the boredom, I started counting the lights on the ceiling. When I was done, I muttered the final count, 104, to myself. Without missing a beat, the 85 year-old man next to me tapped my shoulder and said "105. You missed one." He then went to point out the single light in the corner that I missed. Good to know I'm not the only one who gets bored in church."
"Today I asked my dad if he would give me 100 bucks when Hell freezed over...I then pulled up the weather for Hell, Michigan. Guess who got 100 bucks? MLIA"
And that's not even the funniest ones :P So if you want a laugh, then go to this site :D
To be honest i have no idea why i blogged about this :) I was bored i guess.
Bye bye.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Into Town...

I haven't blogged in a wee while so i thought i'd take the time to do just that -I mean, it's not like i have anything better to do xP.

So, as the title suggests, we went into Glasgow today :D The plan was that we'd all meet up, head over to Starbucks then to the cinema to see Zombieland. Boy did that plan go a bit off :P
First of all, it took us about 15 minutes of searching the bus station just to find everyone (all eleven people) , then a further 10 minutes to leave the station.
We were trying to decide whether to go to the cinema and get our tickets early...or head over to Starbucks or wander about a bit...So we went over to the cinema and it turned out that the line went all the way round the corner of the building! So we decided against that, and went for a walk.
As we went on, people started to get hungry, but of course, we couldn't decide where to eat. So basically, we circled the whole of Glasgow many times before people started to split up and go to different places. Me, Nicole and Alanna decided we'd go to Sainsbury's for a sandwich (which was a good idea cause i also managed to snag a copy of Kerrang! mag xD) So once we'd gotten our food we all went to Starbucks as was originally planned :) Me and Nicole gots a Chocolate Frappacino xD Yummy. So we were sipping away enjoying our drinks while Ross and Alanna complained that "Starbucks coffee is actually pretty shit" xP.
So eventually, we headed over to the cinema, the queue had died down a lot. So we went into the cinema, eventually managed to get everyones tickets (with some difficulty) and went up the many escalators D: , gots our popcorns and made it into the screen (which turned out to be pretty damn busy) so we ended up right at the back in front of these guys who turned out to be hilarious xP
The film was so much funnier than i'd expected though it was an itsy bit more gory (in a comedy kind of way) than i thought it'd be. It was a really good film and i would recommend it to anyone :D
So after the film me, Nicole, Alanna and Rachel went off for a wee walk round the shops and then back to the train station where we bumped into Alan, had a wee chat with before he went away, then got some milkshakes, bumped into Alan again and headed to the platform...Where we bumped into Alan again who had decided to join us on our train journey xD
After the train, me, Nicole, Alanna and Rachel went to Mcdonalds for some dinner :)
Then, headed home :)
Gosh...I never realised i had so much to write. It was a fun day! I'm really sorry for boring anyone who reads this - If anyone does xP.
Now, you'll be glad to know that this is the end of todays post :D
I shall leave you once again with a photo of me taken moments ago...This time, my photo also features a big fluffy dog :P Cause i was bored.
Goodbye. Love you all <3

Friday, 25 September 2009

My Working Week Ends...

So i previously blogged about how excited i was about going on work experience for a week. Now sadly, the week is over and on Tuesday (as Monday is a bank holiday) it is back to school for me and my friends.

Okay, so, about where i was working. At the time, i honestly had no clue about what i want work as, so instead of searching round for somewhere to work, i just worked in a hairdressers which my parents just so happen to own :).

So instead of giving you ALL the boring details, i will just give you a list of some of the jobs i was made to do over the week :)

Served Clients
Checked stock
I got to practise curling on one of the doll things :) I was kinda gutted that i couldn't get a pic of the end results :( but oh well.
Then i took the curled doll and styled it's hair up (that didn't go too well but it was still nice)
Listened to my mum gossiping about me saying "that's my youngest daughter...yes! hasn't she gotten tall!" "That's my baby daughter...Yes she's grown a bit since the last time you saw her" etcetera etcetera...
Embarrassed myself in front of a client by not being able to do a simple task D:
Dyed and washed my mum's hair :P
Made tea and coffee
Folded towels
Ooh! I got to use the wee gun that shoots out price sticker thingys ^-^
I also got to scan products to make it go BEEP :D I'm so immature :D
I got to play with my gorgeous doggie who comes to work with my parents :)
And well, that's all i can think of :)
Yeah! So i had a really good week! It has been even more awesome than i thought it would be :)
I can't believe it's already over :( The good thing is that i'll get to see all my friends again :)

Now for the long weekend, i will be spending it down in Coldingham and Eyemouth, England D: Yeah okay, i used to love it as a child but now it's just boring. There's never anyone my age there and there's nothing to do there! But, i understand why we have to go and i shouldn't complain D:

So i guess i must go now - I'm already falling asleep!

Goodnight, have a good weekend.
With love
Cara. Yeah :P

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Time For Work...

Oh wow! It's Thursday already :) This week has gone by pretty quickly :)
So wow! That means i only have one more day of school as it's work experience next week! I'm getting pretty excited about it now. It should be fun.
OMG these last 3 and a half years have gone by so fast. I mean, i remember when i was in second year and my older sister was doing her work experience...I can't believe it's my turn now so soon :P even though it has actually been three years!
So for my work experience i'm going to my parents' hairdressers :)
I have no intention of being a hairdresser but i couldn't be bothered finding any where else to go :P It should still be good though. I'm looking forward to it :D
Well that's really all i have to say for today :)
Bye for now

Sunday, 13 September 2009

I Couldn't Think of a Better Name...

I am getting so bloody excited !
Basically...I've become sort of addicted to concerts. started off with me just going to see Fightstar because Morv wanted me to go with her...and well, it kinda went on from there :P
So now the gigs i'm going to are:

All American Rejects - October 18th
Fightstar - October 25th
Rise Against - November (i don't actually know the date :P)
Paramore - December 10th

I CAN'T WAIT ! We're going to have so much fun :D It'll be awesome.

Now...I'm off to eat my dinner :D (Chinese food :D)
Bye everyone.
With love

Friday, 11 September 2009

Folding Paper...

Hey everyone :D
I found out something cool the other day! Just a wee silly legend, but i find it quite cute :)
This legend says that, if a person was to make one thousand paper origami cranes then, on the thousandth one, they make a wish and their wish will come true :)

I think it sounds really sweet :P
So, just for a bit of fun, i decided to take on the challenge - Yes, i know i'm sad :P - So yesterday i got started :)
So far i've made eleven! That means only nine hundred and eighty-nine more to go ! :P

Okay, yes that's a lot...but i figure, I've got my whole life to complete it :D

I shall now leave you with a picture of my little paper cranes :D
It doesn't really look like there's eleven there does it? Oh well :P

Now, i shall say goodbye and leave you with a picture of myself...Just cause i can :P

With love

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Lost for words...

Okay. So i haven't blogged for about a month. I guess my life is pretty boring at the moment. I mean, school...same old same old...

Ooh...Do you want to know what really annoys me at the moment?...The McDonald's slogan..."It's McDonald's...and then some"...What the hell? It sucks...It's just SUCH a bad slogan :L I hate it! (Sorry...It's just that the advert just came on so i thought i'd mention how much i hate it :P )

Anyways...Where was i?...Ahh yes. School. Not really much to say so i don't even know why i'm still rambling on about it...

Ugh. I hate having nothing to write :(

Has anyone else noticed that the wasps seem to vicious this year? and there seems to be an awful lot of them...Every day in school i keep getting attacked by them.

Well...I wont waste any more of you lovely people's time. I promise that next time i will have something more interesting to say :)
Argh. That yellow bit wont go away :P...Anyway...

I shall say goodbye and leave you with a photo of me and my friends :D

With Love,

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Taking over my bedroom wall...

Hello to anyone reading this.

I don't really have much to talk about but, i'll talk anyway.

So last night, i took down an old poster. And i finaly got round to putting up some photos. I now have 18 pretty pictures of me and my friends and some holiday snaps up on my wall. I don't have much more room on the same wall for any more. So i'm going to have to take over another wall. My sister is printing my other photos as i'm typing this, since i can't do anything right :P. As i'm on the subject of my wall and my photos, i thought i would add in a photo...of my photos :P :D.

Yeah. My photos are awesome.

I'm desperately trying to think of something to write about...It's not going to well...

So i will just leave it for now. This was one of the most random posts ever but oh well. I shall say goodbye and leave you with a photo of me right now :D.

Bye byee xx.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A Day In The Life Of Me.

Hey guys.

Why don't you listen to this song while you read this. I love it. It's a bit old, but a beautiful song.

So I'm not going to burden you with another strong point of view...not this time.
I'm going to talk day. Not that it's been any more interesting than any other day...but then again...every day is interesting and full of surprises. Yeah, that's a bit more optimistic. Good.

Ahh...yes. So everyone over the U.K I'm sure has heard that most teenagers have been getting their exam results today. Yes. I was one of them.
Last year we sat our Standard Grade English exam. Today, we got our results. I am proud to say that i got a 2. I have to say that it is what i expected - maybe even higher than i thought I'd get. So i am pleased.
But enough about school.

I went into Glasgow today. Walked around. Looked at shops.
We went to Starbucks. I decided that me and my friends, when we go into town, should start hanging out there more often. Sitting in for a while, having a drink, a snack, a nice chat. Instead of rushing about and just grabbing a sandwich. Even just getting a drink to go. Mmm a nice chocolate frappacino seems like the best thing on warm days like it was today. My sister said that me and my friends aren't sophisticated enough for Starbucks. I don't think that's true. We will prove her wrong...

Every now and again, I'm going to do some daily here i go...

Daily Observations:

Street performers. It makes me smile to see people performing in the street. I like it. I don't see how some people can just walk past them without giving them a second glance. They're not doing anything wrong. I mean, everyone spends money buying CD's and concert tickets, so what's the harm in just giving a hearty tip to the people on the street. Today, i saw one group of teenagers, must of been just a few years older than me. playing together. They looked like they were having so much fun together. So i just think, the next time you see people playing in the street, or dancing, or juggling...just stop, and admire their courage and just enjoy it.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Sharing the love.

Okay so i got back from hanging out with my friends. I think it's funny how not that many people actually stop to think about how important the people close to you are until it's too late. So i guess this post is just trying to say thanks to all my friends and suggest that you take my words into account and make sure that your friends know that you appreciate them.

I guess the reason i am saying this is because me and my friends had a good chat today, and it got me thinking about how much we have all changed and even though we have gained more friends and, perhaps lost a few, I'm glad to see that my closest friends (you know who you are) are still as close as ever. And this is my way of saying thank-you.

Here's to friendship and love.


Monday, 3 August 2009

A look into my mind...

Okay profile gave you a brief introduction to me. However, i feel you deserve to know more. So here i go.
Yeah, i may not be famous or the most popular person or anything...but does that mean that people shouldn't listen to me?...No, it doesn't, so it would be much appreciated if you actually take just a few moments to listen to what i have to say. Who knows, i might actually bring up some good points and get your attention.
One point that i must bring up, is the growing matter of stereotyping. It is a problem that almost everyone is affected by. One form of stereotyping i find myself being affected by is the label that has been stamped on many teenagers. I'm sick of the looks that me and my friends get from the older generations. I wear a hoodie...Does that automatically make me a "Hoodie"...No, it doesn't. I wear it 'cause it's warm and keeps me dry.
However, it is not only the older generations that are labeling other people. Stereotyping occurs all the time within the younger generations as well. I'm sick of everyone making fun at someone because of how they dress, what music they like, how they speak and for any other reasons. I wear black eyeliner and listen to rock music...Does that make me an "emo"?...No, it doesn't. It just means that i like the style. There is so many labels that are being stamped on my generation, "Emo" being just one.
Stereotyping has been going on for years and happens all the time. It has to stop. It's about time that the younger generation stand up and speak. We deserve to be heard. So the next time you go to label someone, think about what i - and many other people before me - have said.
Thanks for listening to me.
Until next time,