Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sorry It's Late (Part Two)

I've been so excited about writing this blog for ageeeees - Well, not exactly ages but you get the point xD
Sunday 18th October. One of the best fucking nights EVER!
Me, Morv, Nicole and Eilidh all went to see the awesome All American Rejects! I never thought i could love them any more than i already did - until they came out onto the stage!

Tyson! Ooft! I could not be any more in love with him. He's such an awesome performer. I would absolutely LOVE to meet him! The whole atmosphere there was just amazing!

Their opening song! Oh my god! MOVE ALONG! It was such a great song to start with and was just bloody amazing!
Words can't actually describe how great it was. Like seriously. In fact there you go. See for yourself xD

This one - of the many- girls that fainted from the heat and all, Tyson started talking to her! Oh my god i almost died xD I actually wanted to faint JUST so that he would talk to me! Oh my god!

Every single song they did was just **screams for lack of words good enough to explain the awesome-ness**

I actually can't wait 'til they come back to Scotland!
His closing speech and the closing song.

"I'm not telling you to fucking be like me.
I'm not telling you to fucking dress like me.
I'm telling you to fucking be yourselves and listen to the fucking rejects!" Tyson.

With lots of love.

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