Thursday, 24 December 2009

'Twas the night before...

Oh my gosh. I can not believe how quick this year has gone! Christmas eve already :D
The only thing that's bothering me is that i'm not actually in a very Christmas-y mood anymore. In saying that though, the snow is definitely helping :) Yes! We actually have snow this year! Proper snow! It's amazing :D
So Tuesday was the last day of school (finally) ^^ Alex came back on the bus with us to get ready for people coming over that night. We were...taking a break and throwing small bits of snow at each other. My sister was shouting at us so i said to him "Why don't we go out front and have a proper snowball fight?". So we ran outside and had a big snowball fight next to the main road xD We got absolutely soaked! :D So yeah it was awesome. Some old guy told me i had good aim xD

This post was really just to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas <3
I love you all :]
Bye byee xx

The Formal Wall of Death...

I feel kind of bad for not blogging sooner :( I feel like i've let myself down in a way, but anyway, here i go :)
So Wednesday the 9th was my Christmas dance. I wasn't really looking forward to it as i really didn't feel well and didn't particularly like my outfit but i was going anyway :)
After getting ready with Morv, we set off. We spent the next half hour or so annoying her mum. Morv started barking like a dog so i started meowing like a cat. Her mum actually stopped the car and told us to get out xD
So we got there, met up with everyone, commented on outfits, mingled a bit. Then went into the actual dance hall. I got to dance with Daryl first ^^ Then a group one xD (wearing high heels for the group dance was not a very good idea xP) So yeah i got to dance with...many people :D
Later on in the night we went out into the hall to hang out a bit. Me and Morv had been joking for ages about how we were going to start a pit during a formal dance and we told Daryl and everyone. We then decided to have a mosh pit out in the hall xD Then had a Wall Of Death and Sean ended up getting flung onto a table :O It was hilarious...Turns out, my maths teacher had been watching us the whole time :P
So it was a really good night :D But that's really all i can write about it :]
Bye for now

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Little Brown Envelope...

So, me and Morv had made a deal with my mum that we would work in her hairdressers to work off the money we owe her for the concert tickets that we bought. So the Saturday that's just passed, we had our first day of work.
It was weird though, because it's where i went for work experience, i knew what to do but Morv didn't. So i got to teach her! xD It was odd because just in September, i was getting taught by my mum, then i was the one teaching Morv :P
So yeah, it was the same old repetitive jobs that i did in September, but this time, i had Morv with me ^^

For 6 and a half hours we kept our eye on the clock waiting for time to go home :D Then, we got our little brown envelope - Our pay for the day :D It made the work so much more worth while ^^

So when we had finished working, we went home and then we got ready for going to the Cathouse - for those of you who don't know, the Cathouse is an underage club in Glasgow.
As the club is for...a certain style of people, the girls who work with us spent the day talking about the people they've seen going to the cathouse. They started talking about "The boys with the makeup and the hair all over their face" :P Me and Morv were just looking at each other thinking "yep, that's our style" xD It was pretty funny.

So we got a lift to the club where we were going to meet up with our other friends who were already there. We went up to the entrance, up to the bouncers at the door. They asked "How are we doing?" (or something) but Morv thought they said "where are you going" so she said "We're going in". The bouncers then started joking saying "woah, she's aggressive" :P It was hilarious! Then they said they wanted to speak to the nice one and asked how that is, me and Morv both looked at Nicole. The bouncers looked at her and talked to her, then looked at me and said "So you must be the shy one, the shy cheeky one". I answered "probably". Then after some more jokes, they let us in :P

We were walking into the actual club part and bumped into Rory and Ali (2 of the people we were meeting) so they led us to everyone else ^^ So yeah, i don't really know what to write about now. The night was awesome :D Daryl wrote his phone number on a bit of paper and wrote "call me" on it, then just before he left, he gave it to us. We put it on the bar. Then later we noticed the guy behind the bar put all the rubbish in the bin but kept the phone number :P

That's really all the interesting stuff i can be bothered to write about ^^
Awesome night. Going again soon hopefully.
Bye for now.