Friday, 20 November 2009

A Burst Lip and Other Stories...

It's late and i'm waiting for my nails to dry, so i thought, what better time to blog?!

So Tuesday was the third concert in the last two months.
Rise Against!

Yes it was on a school day, and yes, i had stayed up until 4am on Sunday night. So yes, i was completely shattered. Luckily that all went away once i was in the venue. Me and Morv had arrived like 40 minutes early so we had to stand out in the cold for AGES!

We were right up near the front of the stage which was awesome. This one particular guy was trying dead hard to get in front of me, and he had his elbow in my throat so i was having difficulty breathing so i decided to scratch his elbow. He moved it.
But enough of that, after two opening acts and about 2 Rise Against songs, i had to get out of the crowd before i passed out, i tried to drag Morv but she got left behind D: After i shoved many obnoxious people out of the way i finally got out of the crowd and got some air. After standing like a loner for about 2 songs i decided just to get back into the crowd. So with the help of my awesome 'group-dashing' skills where i jumped from one group of people to another one closer to the stage i eventually found myself in the centre of the mosh pit O.o
At first i was like...freaked cause i appeared to be the only girl...then i just embraced the epic-ness and went with it. The 'Glasgow Circle' was awesome! xD
Now, the most interesting thing to of happened to me at a gig so far (well probably not, but still hilarious) was that, after a while, i started to feel a slight bump on my bottom lip. I don't know how it happened. Here are my possibilities:
When i got full-force kicked in the face by a crowd surfer (who failed miserably)
When i got shoved into multiple people.
Or perhaps i just got punched in the face?

I never did find Morv until the after the gig. When it was over i stayed in the middle of the floor looking for her. Then, finally when i saw her head popping up i RAN towards her and practically jumped on her xD
Then, after discussing how we lost each other, i said "I think i burst my lip!" She replied with "Oh my god you have actually!" The first thing i did when i got home was run to the mirror to see it. Then i showed my mum xD

The next day at school, in PSE we each had to say something about ourselves that others may not know. I couldn't think of anything so i said "I'm Cara and last night i burst my lip." That of course exploded into a ton of questions from my classmates. Morv kindly told them for me that i was in a mosh pit. Two days later and some of the boys still can't believe it! xD

So yeah. The concert was AMAZING (go see them if you get the chance). The mosh pit was AWESOME. And my regi class are HILARIOUS!
I came out of that concert with a burst lip, bruises on my back and chest, a sore arm, sore legs, a sore neck and sore feet and a really sore toe. I don't have a single regret. Oh, plus a cut on my leg. No idea how that happened xD

Signed, the injured 'mosher' :P
Lots of love,

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