Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Mysterious Post-its...

Okay, so last night's blog post was about my new 'Goal of the Day' segment in my slightly bizarre life.
I'd made it my goal that by midnight 14-10-09 i must try to get as many post-it notes on Joanna's back as possible. So i got my post-its at the ready and made my first cunning move to get the post-it on her back :D It worked :D And i managed to get 9 more on her back without her realising a thing! So a total of ten xD
Then, she went to get changed and i knew she'd realise...You know what? She didn't actually realise, she saw them, but just thought they all must of fallen on her jumper xD I waited until 4:30am to tell her! It was pretty funny :P
The second part of my 'Goal of the Day' was that i must scare her at some point during the day. I succeeded at that twice xD

So that's all i have to write about today xD
Bye byee.
With love.

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