Monday, 3 August 2009

A look into my mind...

Okay profile gave you a brief introduction to me. However, i feel you deserve to know more. So here i go.
Yeah, i may not be famous or the most popular person or anything...but does that mean that people shouldn't listen to me?...No, it doesn't, so it would be much appreciated if you actually take just a few moments to listen to what i have to say. Who knows, i might actually bring up some good points and get your attention.
One point that i must bring up, is the growing matter of stereotyping. It is a problem that almost everyone is affected by. One form of stereotyping i find myself being affected by is the label that has been stamped on many teenagers. I'm sick of the looks that me and my friends get from the older generations. I wear a hoodie...Does that automatically make me a "Hoodie"...No, it doesn't. I wear it 'cause it's warm and keeps me dry.
However, it is not only the older generations that are labeling other people. Stereotyping occurs all the time within the younger generations as well. I'm sick of everyone making fun at someone because of how they dress, what music they like, how they speak and for any other reasons. I wear black eyeliner and listen to rock music...Does that make me an "emo"?...No, it doesn't. It just means that i like the style. There is so many labels that are being stamped on my generation, "Emo" being just one.
Stereotyping has been going on for years and happens all the time. It has to stop. It's about time that the younger generation stand up and speak. We deserve to be heard. So the next time you go to label someone, think about what i - and many other people before me - have said.
Thanks for listening to me.
Until next time,

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  1. Oh yeah, you rock Cara. We do have to stand up for ourselves.