Wednesday, 14 October 2009


That last post was actually delayed about an hour due to my mum coming into my fort and handing me a Nerf gun (one that fires foam darts) but said it didn't work. She then left and after a few seconds of tinkering i suddenly shot it all the way across my bedroom floor and all of a sudden all my family could hear was me shout "AWESOME!".

My sister soon came running into my room asking me what i'd done. I went down to tell my mum that i got it working and shot one at my Ali (my sister). She then grabbed the gun off me and attempted to shoot one. She failed. Miserably :P She tried again. She failed again. I claimed that it only worked if you had mad ninja skills like me.

Then, all of a sudden it had turned into an Epic Battle between me and Ali. We ran about the house like mad battling it out for possession of the gun xD I kept running back to my fort for safety. It actually worked.

So after about 40 minutes - Yes! a whole 40 minutes- of running about Ali surrendered and gave up the amunition :D I win!

I am so glad that i made this fort. It provided me with much more fun than was expected :D
I love childish fun. I must do stuff like this more often. I can't wait til the next time my friends stay over xD
You'd never guess that i'm turning 15 in 3 days xD

Happy fort building to anyone that is awesome enough to take up the challenge of making one xD.
And Happy Nerf Wars :D
Love you all.

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