Tuesday, 30 March 2010


So today. I headed over to the bus stop as per usual ready for school. It was snowing. So we were all in the small shelter chatting away. We were told that our bus hadn't even arrived at the first stop yet. So we waited. And waited. Then someone decided to just leave and assume the bus isn't coming and soon everyone ended up leaving and going home so Morv came over to ours. xD We were sitting in the living room for a while then we looked out the window just in time to see our bus drive past. So yeah. We phoned our parents and they just said we could have a 'snow' day. So y'know. We were just hanging out, chilling, being the idiots that we usually are ;D Then our school phoned and told us that the school was sending people home early. So yeah. Even if we'd gone into school we would have been sent home early ^^ The snow must be really bad up there considering the fact our school never lets us off school. So yeah i've had a very lazy day to be honest. I missed a modern studies NAB for the second time xD and i missed the product design deadline. That means my bitch of a teacher will kill me xD Oh well. :P

I deleted my old bebo account. I never ever went on it. Then i made a new one. No idea why. But yeah. I'm so cool that i only have one friend on it. xD Yes. It takes a special person to be that cool. :P So yeah. Add me, Killer_Crayon. You might be lucky enough to be my second friend! xD Hahaha.

So anyways. That's all i can blog about right now.
Speak to you soon.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

It's About Time..

So i've been waiting for the release of the new Alice In Wonderland for like a year. Then, i realised i was one of the last people to see it. Now i love everything about the story Alice In Wonderland. Hence my excitement over a new film. Then, hearing that The All American Rejects, All Time Low, Owl City and Shinedown were going to be doing songs for the soundtrack i was even more excited. xD So i finally managed to get the soundtrack on Wednesday and i absolutely love it. The first time i heard it i was so excited which is really sad i know but honestly i really do love all things Alice. So yeah. The one track that really stands out for me is Her Name Is Alice by Shinedown. It just fits the story so well. It's now one of my most played tracks :D So yeah. I definitely recommend if you don't already have it!

So anyways. Today i finally went to see the film. First of all, we were going to see the 6:10 showing. Then we missed our 4:53 train so we had to get the 5:23. So we got into Glasgow at 6:10 basically so we missed it. Obviously. So we said right, we'll see the 9:10 showing. So we bought our tickets then went for a walk. After a while we decided just to go into McDonald's. We ended up sitting there, in McDonald's for like 2 hours.
So yeah the film. Epic. I had started to doubt it after hearing some bad reviews but i knew that i would just be completely bias and love it even if it was shit. I am extremely happy to say that it was actually very good and i really loved it. I thought the story was good and the characters were really good as well. I particularly liked the Mad Hatter of course being played perfectly by Johnny Depp. The 3D was really good as well so i definitely recommend the film as well of course. xD Yeah.

We knew that the last train was at 11:23 but the film went on longer than expected so we were like shit what happens if we miss this. So we had like 6 minutes to get from the 3rd floor on the cinema all the way to the station. So after taking like 4 minutes to get down all the escalators we ran like idiots through Glasgow. I was in the lead running like a lunatic ('cause i am a surprisingly fast runner. Take that Mrs Leishman my old p.e teacher! If only you could see me now!) and we were getting really strange looks from people. Luckily! We managed to get to get on the train just before it left. xD We realised on the train that when we were running it must of looked like i had robbed them or something haha xD So yeah. Turns out. If you run really really fast. It only takes 1 minute to get from the cinema to the station. :P

So er. Yeah it was a very interesting day. I don't really know what to say now. I apologize for this very long and uninteresting blog post. O.o

I shall now say goodbye. Remember to turn your clocks forward. :]
Byeee. <3

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Unusual taste...

I promised myself i would blog earlier this month. As you can see. I didn't really stick to it. So here i go. This is just going to be a really random post as i don't have anything to say anymore.

So yesterday in biology we got to bring in cheese and bread to taste different kinds and stuff. So we went to the open area and just got to help ourselves. It was pretty awesome but some of the stuff was really horrible hahaha. I brought in applewood cheese 'cause it's yummy. Aparrently Lewis liked it since he stole what was left of it and put it in his pocket. O.o
So after our tasting session we went back into class to actually learn something. He started talking about how to make yoghurt or cheese or something so he started his sentence with "you've heard of the nuresery rhyme little miss muffet yes?" and went on to talk about curds and whey which is mentioned in the rhyme.
"Little miss muffet, sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey.
Along came a spider, who sat down beside her, and scared miss muffet away."
So then someone brought up a very good point. They asked the teacher why she was eating curds and whey. He didn't know why she was. Me and Kyle started talking about it and we couldn't work it out either. Kyle said "because it rhymes" but surely they could of thought of something else that rhymes. Anyways. Enough of that. :P

We have to choose our subjects that we'll be doing next year and hand in our choices on Wednesday. I am so screwed. I hate all the subjects i took last time. I've put up with those shitty subjects for two years. I definitely don't want to be stuck doing them again. So yeah. Exams soon aswell. Damn this year's gone quick. Now i've decided on what i want to do after i leave high school i just can't wait to leave the school. I guess i just need to put up with it for one more year. xD Two more weeks and then i'm off to the lovely Florida. :D Can't wait.

So yeah. That's all i can be bothered saying. Speak to you soon hopefully.
Bye byee <3

Look! New blue hair! **gasp**