Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside..

Well hi there. It's blogging time again. The time to try and fit the past month into a short blog. I'll try keep it as short as possible anyways. :3

Okay so let's try think about what happened since my last blog. Well, i dyed my hair bright pink :3 We also saw the new Harry Potter film of course. And of course, it was amazing.
But onto the interesting stuff. On Saturday night we were off to an engagement party for Daryl's uncle. We'd been looking forward to it for quite a while, even Mrs Patrick was getting sick of hearing about it :'] So yeah, we spent the day getting ready and stuffs. Then set off to the train station. Oh and did i mention the snow? Well yeah, it snowed here. A lot. Like, the most snow we've had for years :D Happy, happy Cara :3

So anyways, yeah so we're at this party, with a ton of Daryl's relatives that we've never met. I have to say it was a tad awkward at first. But y'know, after the first drink it was fine xD So eventually, after a few more drinks, we managed to get everyone up dancing :'] Now you should know, i *hate* dancing. I never dance, ever! So this was an achievement :'] The only thing was, whenever we all got up dancing, everyone would stare at us! I guess it was 'cause we were the youngest and drunkest people there..At one point, we were dancing and Daryl decided to bring his gran over to dance with us all. So we're dancing and all of a sudden Daryl just decks it and falls to the floor :'] One of the funniest moments of the night. So yeah, afterwards we all headed back to Daryl's house for the night. I hate to say that i can't actually remember what we actually did. I remember not sleeping at all and we actually headed out to McDonalds at 6am ;_; In the snow. So yeah..we all stumbled into McDonalds at 6:01am (they open at 6...) and had breakfast. Then back to Daryl's house where me, Alex and Callum attempted to get some sleep. Which didn't work out too well :'] So anyways, yeah. It was a really good night xD The annoying thing is i don't actually have any decent photos that i'm willing to share :'] What a shame. xD

Now, on Sunday i was too dead to do anything. I had absolutely no intentions of going into school the next day. I was praying for a snow day. At one point mother came up and was like "Well you best hope it is a snow day tomorrow 'cause it doesn't look like you're doing any homework" xD And sure enough, after a lot of research i eventually found out it was a snow day :D I don't think i did anything interesting except for me and my sister watched The Magic Roundabout :3

So Tuesday was a snow day as well which we were all stoked about as my plan was to drag my friends down to the park with pool inflatables to go sledging :D So we headed down with three lilos and one giant ring :D We looked insane walking down there which was fun :'] It was an amazing day xD Sledging was fucking awesome. :3 So here's a wee video :']

LOL at my failed attempt to push myself further xD

So yeah, that was my day today. :3 And it was awesome :D And to make it even better, we found out we have a 3rd snow day in a row tomorrow :D Happy, happy Cara.
Hope you've all had a good month. And if i don't get a chance to blog soon, have a wonderful December.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Wowee. Okay, okay i didn't blog in October like i promised myself i would. So i have a hell of a lot of stuff to write about now. xD

Now i need to try and think about what on earth i've been doing for the last month or so. Well, about 5 weeks ago i decided i was bored of my red hair. So i decided to go bleach blonde. It's...different. xD A bit of a shock when i first saw it. I got a lot of people doing double takes and not recognising me when i went into school with it for the first time. When i walked into registration suddenly everyone in the class simultaneously went 'woah" :'] It took a while to get used to. xD
So then, after that it was my birthday on the 17th of October. So my friends threw me a birthday party on the 9th and the theme was dinosaurs ;D Then the day after that, a couple of us headed off to a hotel in Glasgow for the night. So we went out for dinner in the town centre then back to the hotel for a *few* drinks. So yeah, 'twas a good night. Then, the next morning however, i got woken up at about 6am when i hear a beeping and think to myself "that's the hotel's fire alarm..I should really wake Alanna and the others up.." then decided to stay in bed until Alanna wakes up and goes "Is that a fire alarm?" So yeah, we had to get up, i decided to change out of my pyjama shorts and into warmer jeans, grabbed a pair of shoes and my phone and ran out of the room carrying my shoes. Alex and Daryl were already out their room so we headed down and had to wait outside in the cold for quite a while. It was freezing. It was early morning. It wasn't good. :'] Then after we were let back in, Alex and Daryl realised they'd ran out the room without their room key. So yeah. It was a...memorable birthday to say the least :']
Then, on my actual birthday, mother took me into Glasgow and i finally got my lip pierced. Yes. I was actually brave enough to do it :D So yeah, happy happy Cara. :]

**Tries to think of what else i've done**

Oh yeah, me and my sister went to see Amy MacDonald on the 21st. 'Twas an amazing night. ^^
So i guess the last thing i have to write about is Halloween. Once again, me and my sister had a party on Saturday. :3 We got up to our usual antics. There's not actually that much i can really write about it so i'll just give you some pictures i guess. :3

I have an amazingly interesting bunch of friends xD

So there's me looking lovely as a zombie school girl. :']
So that's basically what i've been up to. I've also been job hunting with Morv to save up for our Road Trip which we're currently planning. But that's a different story.
Until next time, Cara.