Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Apocalypse Is Coming. But Which One...

Like hi. Again. I promise this will be the last blog post of today :D

So the other night i was just browsing the web when i came across something which lead me to think of something. Which then made me think of something else. then another thought occurred. So you get the point...
Well i'm sure you've heard or seen something related to the whole "zombie apocalypse" thing. 'Cause i sure have heard a lot about it and you know, there's been an increase in films and books about it and that. But anyway. I've always been like pretty up for the idea. No wait. Not like...up for it like excited and shit. More like...I actually can not explain what i meant to say there. Now i just seem like a freak that's happy about the fact that the whole human population is going to turn into flesh eating zombies. Erm. Moving swiftly on :3

The point is. Not many people have thought about the robot uprising. 'Cause like, we already have robot technology and technology is getting more advanced every day. So surely the robot apocalypse could maybe be more likely or more possible? I mean the closest thing we have to zombies are cannibals. And although they cover the whole "flesh eating" part. They don't cover the "living-dead" part.

So yeah. That's what my weird self has been thinking about recently. I mean, forget school work. Let's try and tackle the robot/zombie uprising. I have a feeling that when i'm older, i'll be 'that weird person from across the street' who has a room titled "In Case Of Apocalypse" where i'll keep masses and masses of long lasting food and things to defend myself with and like, a tv and shit. Oh yeah. When the robots and or zombies come. I'll be ready for them.

Lots of love.

P.s. My zombie drawings aren't usually that bad. It was late. Like 3am.

My Small Obsession...

So yeah. I usually get excited over a singer or something and then say something like "sorry for sounding like an obsessed fan girl" but, to be perfectly honest, when it comes to Ian Watkins. I am kind of obsessed xD
Thursday 18th. Me an Morv, standing in the line. With about 15 people in front of us. Freezing our arses off.
For what?
Lostprophets. Duhh. xD Yup. We went like 2 hours early so it was quite a long wait.
I don't really have much to say. Sharks - the first act - were pretty awesome :] Kids In Glass Houses were amazing :D And then, Lostprophets. Self explanatory to be honest. Absolutely amazing. Ian Watkins. Hot. Like obviously xD

So you know, the usual stuff. I got kicked in the face, punched, kicked in the shin, trampled on etcetera etcetera xD Haha this one guy was like, talking to this girl on the other side of me. Then we got shoved about a bit and the guy looks at me and goes "hi" me, "hi", him "now we're closer together" xD haha. It was rather funny at the time to be honest xD So yeah. The moshpit was like weird. Instead of being one large pit it ended up being 3 smaller ones at one point :3
Soooo. Yeah. Lostprophets, oh how i love thee. Yadda yadda yadda. Nothing left to say so. I leave you xD

Urmm. Usually i'd leave you with a picture of me or something. But i have no new and interesting ones sooo...Have a photo of coffee :3 I mean hey. Why not? xD
Love you.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Megan's Great Idea...

So hi :]
I haven't been blogging as much as i should be so i think, unless i get bored or fall asleep or get eaten by a bear or something, i'm going to sit here and do a couple of blog posts to get you all up to date on my crappy life so far xD M'kay?
So here's something which i meant to blog about 2 weeks ago :3 In school, amongst our lunchtime chatter, Megan randomly said "why don't we do a scavenger hunt?!" So yeah, after a couple of days of planning, on Saturday the 6th, we met up in Glasgow ready to get going xD
We had a quick lunch and then Megan gave our team and the other team their list of tasks. Our team ( Me, Morv, Megan and Hollie) got to go first since the other team (Daryl, Kirsty, Eilidh, Rory and Taylor) had more players :D

So instead of writing words and words about what we did. How about i just give you some photos instead :] Also, the videos are up on youtube so i'll give you a link at the end :D

So yeah that's just a wee selection of the photos xD Now here's the link to the videos :D  That's just one of them xD We got lovely strangers to help us out with this one and two other ones :D So yeah. Watch them xD

So. Now you know what people like me do in our free time. Oh, and look out for us 'cause we'll definitely be doing another scavenger hunt soon :D So if you're ever in Glasgow and see any of us weirdos running about like lunatics, come talk to us and help us xD hahaha

With love, Cara.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Speechless. Litterally...

February 1st. Kerrang Relentless Tour :D All Time Low, The Blackout, Young Guns and The Blackout! So let's just get to the point...We arrived, we waited in the extremely long line, we finally got in, we met Rory and then we went down to the standing area. So after a wee while i headed over to the moshpit xD There i stayed for almost the whole gig :D
Well what can i say? Young Guns were amazing as expected! My Passion were great! The Blackout were amazing! Sean Smith was uber hot (obviously) and All Time Low were fucking epic! :D Alex Gaskarth was awesome and omnomnom :D hahaha.

The pit was awesome. I got bruised, i got soaked, i got shoved, i got jumped on, i got punched in the face and i fell over. I regret absolutely nothing xD
After the show ended i made my way over to the merch stand to get something. Two guys from My Passion were sitting over like next to us xD I bought My Passion's cd and then got it and my ticket signed! I got signatures from 3 members of My Passion and 4 members of Young Guns! AND! We got photos with 2 of them! :D

 I woke up this morning and my mum was calling up to ask if i was awake so i went to call back down only to find that i had almost no voice at all! xD It would appear that i may of screamed a bit too much (i blame Alex Gaskarth **wink wink**) so I spent the whole day getting strange looks every time my voice went squeaky or croaky :P

It really was an epic show! I can't wait 'til next years K Tour! :D All the guys we met were so nice and they were all amazing performances! :D

Until next time,
Cara <33