Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Okay. Yeah it's late again but i've just been a bit busy but i have time so here i go :)
So...Sunday 25th October...In case you didn't know, that was the night of Fightstar!

It was so awesome!
The warm up acts were Prego, Young Guns! and Saving Aimee! <3 They were all friggin' amazing! Unfortunately, we were stuck with a shitty crowd and almost no one was getting into the music. Luke <3 -the lead singer of Saving Aimee- is such an amazing entertainer xD He was so funny on stage and just awesome.

So me and Morv were quite close to the front of the stage when it started and we were sticking together. Then, when Fightstar came on the whole crowd just ran forward and i got shoved to the very front so i was thinking "Hey awesome". Then i looked around for Morv and realised she was stuck somewhere else away from me :P So me and her were separated for the whole show but it was amazing being that close to the stage despite the compact-ness of it all xD
Throughout the show people kept crowdsurfing to the front but had to be dragged off by the security. So there was a tone of people getting dropped on people. I got kicked in the face by one of them...It was pretty funny.
At one point i was like head banging and then got thrown back a bit and whacked someone in the face with my head...I felt bad. Then later...I had my arm in the air and was pushed back again and kinda punched a boy in the face...I felt worse. Cause it was this sweet boy that had been staying really close to me the whole concert. He was cute.

So the whole concert was just amazing!

But...I haven't told you the most exciting part of the whole thing :P
Half way through Fightstar's set, i noticed the girls in front of me started getting escited and pointing to the side of the stage so i looked over and noticed Luke from Saving Aimee. So just for a laugh i waved, and then he waved back <3 Ahahaha i sound like some little child getting all excited :P But that's not the half of it... As me and Morv were heading out of the venue, this guy walked right in front of us and i noticed what he was wearing and the tattoos on his arm and suddenly realised that it was one of the guys from Young Guns! Oh my gosh i couldn't believe it!
I know what you're thinking...but it doesn't end there!
Outside the venue people were selling Young Guns cds! So i went to get my money out my pocket and then the guy was like "Yeah go on i know you want one." So i bought it and i was really happy :) Then, a while later, Morv pointed out to me that she thought the guy who sold me the cd was actually the frontman of YOUN GUNS! At first i wasn't sure but now, looking at his picture i'm sure it was actually him! Wow...I was so happy xD
So yeah. It was an awesome night! Loved every minuite of it!

So now, i'm taking a break from the gigs until November 17th when i'm going to see Rise Against :D
So i hope everyone else had as good a time as i did at Fightstar.
And, cute boy...If you're out there. I apologise for hitting you in the face xP ^-^
Bye for now. (I will probably blog again soon :) In fact i definately will :D)
Lots of love.

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