Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sorry it's late (Part one)

Yeah so i am sorry that it is extremely late but it's better late than never. So here it goes.

Saturday 17th October was my birthday :) Yeah so i got up early and was greeted by my family - plus my presents of course xD.

 I was just having a chilled day at home until i received a text from Nicole asking if i wanted to go to the cinema, her treat :D We decided on seeing the Invention of Lying and it was really good. I recommend. It was a nice surprise so thank you Nicole :D

What i got:
Five cds
A singstar game :D
A T-shirt
A Hello Kitty toastie maker AND a space hopper from my sister xD She knows me too well :D
Some cute hand warmers and legwarmers
A bag, a cupcake and a special framed drawing/caricature of me from Morv
A trip to the cinema and a £10 New Look gift voucher from Nicole
Plus money xD

So thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday :) <3

I apologise for this being a rather boring post D: I didn't really know what to write about...Clearly.
The newly turned 15 year old.
Love you all.

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