Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Getting Younger...

Here's the story.

Last night, while flicking through the posts on MLIA. I got so many good, funny ideas, stuff that i want to do. I even got an idea for what i want to do for my birthday :D Most of the ideas are just silly wee pranks and stuff. I got into a really childish mood (this was at like 12pm - 2am so it might of been the lack of sleep :P) and i made myself a Goal Of The Day that i said i must complete today (13-10-09). And i did complete it. Here it is :D

Yes! I made a fort :D I just had the random childish urge to make one :) I have now been sitting inside here for a few hours now xD

I'm liking this 'Goal of the Day' thing so i've decided i'm going to see if i can keep it up for a while :)

So the plan for tomorrow is that Joanna (my sisters old friend) is coming over for a sleepover. So, hopefully i'll be able to involve her in it. So i'm thinking i might do more of a prank goal tomorrow :D We'll just have to wait and see what my little mind can come up with :P

Until next time.

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