Monday, 12 October 2009

Curling Up...

So, i'm in my room and it's freezing! :P
So i'm curled up in my duvet reading the posts on my new favourite site which i'll post a link to in a minute :)
It's such a funny site and really addictive. I must of gone through about 6 pages of posts xD It's a great site to read if you're upset or in a bad mood :D
It's basically a site where people write in and say funny stuff that happened to them that day. Here's a few examples of peoples' posts... (P.S "MLIA" stands for My Life Is Average, the name of the website)...

"Today, my teacher broke the school's $3000 projector. She told us she'd give us all stickers if we blamed it on the substitute from the day before. Guess who's now got a dinosaur on their phone? MLIA."
"Today, I was in church. The sermon was especially long, so to ease the boredom, I started counting the lights on the ceiling. When I was done, I muttered the final count, 104, to myself. Without missing a beat, the 85 year-old man next to me tapped my shoulder and said "105. You missed one." He then went to point out the single light in the corner that I missed. Good to know I'm not the only one who gets bored in church."
"Today I asked my dad if he would give me 100 bucks when Hell freezed over...I then pulled up the weather for Hell, Michigan. Guess who got 100 bucks? MLIA"
And that's not even the funniest ones :P So if you want a laugh, then go to this site :D
To be honest i have no idea why i blogged about this :) I was bored i guess.
Bye bye.

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