Saturday, 10 October 2009

Into Town...

I haven't blogged in a wee while so i thought i'd take the time to do just that -I mean, it's not like i have anything better to do xP.

So, as the title suggests, we went into Glasgow today :D The plan was that we'd all meet up, head over to Starbucks then to the cinema to see Zombieland. Boy did that plan go a bit off :P
First of all, it took us about 15 minutes of searching the bus station just to find everyone (all eleven people) , then a further 10 minutes to leave the station.
We were trying to decide whether to go to the cinema and get our tickets early...or head over to Starbucks or wander about a bit...So we went over to the cinema and it turned out that the line went all the way round the corner of the building! So we decided against that, and went for a walk.
As we went on, people started to get hungry, but of course, we couldn't decide where to eat. So basically, we circled the whole of Glasgow many times before people started to split up and go to different places. Me, Nicole and Alanna decided we'd go to Sainsbury's for a sandwich (which was a good idea cause i also managed to snag a copy of Kerrang! mag xD) So once we'd gotten our food we all went to Starbucks as was originally planned :) Me and Nicole gots a Chocolate Frappacino xD Yummy. So we were sipping away enjoying our drinks while Ross and Alanna complained that "Starbucks coffee is actually pretty shit" xP.
So eventually, we headed over to the cinema, the queue had died down a lot. So we went into the cinema, eventually managed to get everyones tickets (with some difficulty) and went up the many escalators D: , gots our popcorns and made it into the screen (which turned out to be pretty damn busy) so we ended up right at the back in front of these guys who turned out to be hilarious xP
The film was so much funnier than i'd expected though it was an itsy bit more gory (in a comedy kind of way) than i thought it'd be. It was a really good film and i would recommend it to anyone :D
So after the film me, Nicole, Alanna and Rachel went off for a wee walk round the shops and then back to the train station where we bumped into Alan, had a wee chat with before he went away, then got some milkshakes, bumped into Alan again and headed to the platform...Where we bumped into Alan again who had decided to join us on our train journey xD
After the train, me, Nicole, Alanna and Rachel went to Mcdonalds for some dinner :)
Then, headed home :)
Gosh...I never realised i had so much to write. It was a fun day! I'm really sorry for boring anyone who reads this - If anyone does xP.
Now, you'll be glad to know that this is the end of todays post :D
I shall leave you once again with a photo of me taken moments ago...This time, my photo also features a big fluffy dog :P Cause i was bored.
Goodbye. Love you all <3

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