Thursday, 17 September 2009

Time For Work...

Oh wow! It's Thursday already :) This week has gone by pretty quickly :)
So wow! That means i only have one more day of school as it's work experience next week! I'm getting pretty excited about it now. It should be fun.
OMG these last 3 and a half years have gone by so fast. I mean, i remember when i was in second year and my older sister was doing her work experience...I can't believe it's my turn now so soon :P even though it has actually been three years!
So for my work experience i'm going to my parents' hairdressers :)
I have no intention of being a hairdresser but i couldn't be bothered finding any where else to go :P It should still be good though. I'm looking forward to it :D
Well that's really all i have to say for today :)
Bye for now

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