Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2009. Interesting Stuff and Other Shit That You Propably Wont Want To Know...

First thing's first...I really need to come up with better titles for my posts xD haha.
So yes! It is indeed 2010! A new year, a new decade...a new blog post? :3
As you may of guessed, this post is going to be a look back at my boring life and what has happened this year :D Read on if you can be bothered xP Here i go...

Okay. My 2009.

Got Twitter :D
Got a blog xD
SawRex was born :D (only a few people will know of this so don't be confused if you don't)
Creativity Days in school :D                                             
Taking over 5 walls of my room with posters and photos and junk xD
Bursting my lip in the mosh pit :L
In saying that i obviously have to put ALL the concerts i've been to xD
All American Rejects <3 Fightstar <3 Rise Against <3 Paramore <3
Finding MLIA <33 haha and therefore losing my social life :L (what social life :P)
Meeting new peoples <33 I love you all xD
Trying and failing to start a vlog with Morv
Passing my English exam which also turned out to be one of the best days of the year :D
Work experience and getting a job :D
Ali's party :D haha
Getting a SPACE HOPPER for my birthday :D                       
My CD collection changed from Take That to Bring Me The Horizon
Went kind of emo/scene-ish?
Got addicted to Hershey bars <33                                                
Made myself look like a fool in Glasgow...Multiple times :D
Earned money for Red Nose Day :]
Went to Greece (Oliver. **wink wink**) haha
Had a banter alone with Morv and Nicole in a cinema :D
Getting absolutely drenched, fully clothed, at the peir on the loch xD
Made fools of our selves in Stirling :D
Got shutter shades lmao :P
Drymen Show :D
Threw a party for Alex xD
Threw a party for Nicole :D                                                      
Halloween party xD lmao.
Got obsessed with Pokemon and in doing so, got a pokemon annual, pokemon badge set, pokemon POSTER and a home-made pokeball for my christmas :D
Went to Rome.
We made fools of ourselves in front of a certain someone in Balloch :P

2009 has really been a great year and i'm sure 2010 will be just as good :]
I just can't think of anything else to write about now xD
So now, i'm off.
Happy New Year (5 days late i know)
Hope you all have an amazing year :]
With lots and lots of love Cara.