Friday, 25 September 2009

My Working Week Ends...

So i previously blogged about how excited i was about going on work experience for a week. Now sadly, the week is over and on Tuesday (as Monday is a bank holiday) it is back to school for me and my friends.

Okay, so, about where i was working. At the time, i honestly had no clue about what i want work as, so instead of searching round for somewhere to work, i just worked in a hairdressers which my parents just so happen to own :).

So instead of giving you ALL the boring details, i will just give you a list of some of the jobs i was made to do over the week :)

Served Clients
Checked stock
I got to practise curling on one of the doll things :) I was kinda gutted that i couldn't get a pic of the end results :( but oh well.
Then i took the curled doll and styled it's hair up (that didn't go too well but it was still nice)
Listened to my mum gossiping about me saying "that's my youngest daughter...yes! hasn't she gotten tall!" "That's my baby daughter...Yes she's grown a bit since the last time you saw her" etcetera etcetera...
Embarrassed myself in front of a client by not being able to do a simple task D:
Dyed and washed my mum's hair :P
Made tea and coffee
Folded towels
Ooh! I got to use the wee gun that shoots out price sticker thingys ^-^
I also got to scan products to make it go BEEP :D I'm so immature :D
I got to play with my gorgeous doggie who comes to work with my parents :)
And well, that's all i can think of :)
Yeah! So i had a really good week! It has been even more awesome than i thought it would be :)
I can't believe it's already over :( The good thing is that i'll get to see all my friends again :)

Now for the long weekend, i will be spending it down in Coldingham and Eyemouth, England D: Yeah okay, i used to love it as a child but now it's just boring. There's never anyone my age there and there's nothing to do there! But, i understand why we have to go and i shouldn't complain D:

So i guess i must go now - I'm already falling asleep!

Goodnight, have a good weekend.
With love
Cara. Yeah :P

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