Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Formal Wall of Death...

I feel kind of bad for not blogging sooner :( I feel like i've let myself down in a way, but anyway, here i go :)
So Wednesday the 9th was my Christmas dance. I wasn't really looking forward to it as i really didn't feel well and didn't particularly like my outfit but i was going anyway :)
After getting ready with Morv, we set off. We spent the next half hour or so annoying her mum. Morv started barking like a dog so i started meowing like a cat. Her mum actually stopped the car and told us to get out xD
So we got there, met up with everyone, commented on outfits, mingled a bit. Then went into the actual dance hall. I got to dance with Daryl first ^^ Then a group one xD (wearing high heels for the group dance was not a very good idea xP) So yeah i got to dance with...many people :D
Later on in the night we went out into the hall to hang out a bit. Me and Morv had been joking for ages about how we were going to start a pit during a formal dance and we told Daryl and everyone. We then decided to have a mosh pit out in the hall xD Then had a Wall Of Death and Sean ended up getting flung onto a table :O It was hilarious...Turns out, my maths teacher had been watching us the whole time :P
So it was a really good night :D But that's really all i can write about it :]
Bye for now

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