Friday, 11 September 2009

Folding Paper...

Hey everyone :D
I found out something cool the other day! Just a wee silly legend, but i find it quite cute :)
This legend says that, if a person was to make one thousand paper origami cranes then, on the thousandth one, they make a wish and their wish will come true :)

I think it sounds really sweet :P
So, just for a bit of fun, i decided to take on the challenge - Yes, i know i'm sad :P - So yesterday i got started :)
So far i've made eleven! That means only nine hundred and eighty-nine more to go ! :P

Okay, yes that's a lot...but i figure, I've got my whole life to complete it :D

I shall now leave you with a picture of my little paper cranes :D
It doesn't really look like there's eleven there does it? Oh well :P

Now, i shall say goodbye and leave you with a picture of myself...Just cause i can :P

With love

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