Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Speechless. Litterally...

February 1st. Kerrang Relentless Tour :D All Time Low, The Blackout, Young Guns and The Blackout! So let's just get to the point...We arrived, we waited in the extremely long line, we finally got in, we met Rory and then we went down to the standing area. So after a wee while i headed over to the moshpit xD There i stayed for almost the whole gig :D
Well what can i say? Young Guns were amazing as expected! My Passion were great! The Blackout were amazing! Sean Smith was uber hot (obviously) and All Time Low were fucking epic! :D Alex Gaskarth was awesome and omnomnom :D hahaha.

The pit was awesome. I got bruised, i got soaked, i got shoved, i got jumped on, i got punched in the face and i fell over. I regret absolutely nothing xD
After the show ended i made my way over to the merch stand to get something. Two guys from My Passion were sitting over like next to us xD I bought My Passion's cd and then got it and my ticket signed! I got signatures from 3 members of My Passion and 4 members of Young Guns! AND! We got photos with 2 of them! :D

 I woke up this morning and my mum was calling up to ask if i was awake so i went to call back down only to find that i had almost no voice at all! xD It would appear that i may of screamed a bit too much (i blame Alex Gaskarth **wink wink**) so I spent the whole day getting strange looks every time my voice went squeaky or croaky :P

It really was an epic show! I can't wait 'til next years K Tour! :D All the guys we met were so nice and they were all amazing performances! :D

Until next time,
Cara <33

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