Saturday, 20 February 2010

Megan's Great Idea...

So hi :]
I haven't been blogging as much as i should be so i think, unless i get bored or fall asleep or get eaten by a bear or something, i'm going to sit here and do a couple of blog posts to get you all up to date on my crappy life so far xD M'kay?
So here's something which i meant to blog about 2 weeks ago :3 In school, amongst our lunchtime chatter, Megan randomly said "why don't we do a scavenger hunt?!" So yeah, after a couple of days of planning, on Saturday the 6th, we met up in Glasgow ready to get going xD
We had a quick lunch and then Megan gave our team and the other team their list of tasks. Our team ( Me, Morv, Megan and Hollie) got to go first since the other team (Daryl, Kirsty, Eilidh, Rory and Taylor) had more players :D

So instead of writing words and words about what we did. How about i just give you some photos instead :] Also, the videos are up on youtube so i'll give you a link at the end :D

So yeah that's just a wee selection of the photos xD Now here's the link to the videos :D  That's just one of them xD We got lovely strangers to help us out with this one and two other ones :D So yeah. Watch them xD

So. Now you know what people like me do in our free time. Oh, and look out for us 'cause we'll definitely be doing another scavenger hunt soon :D So if you're ever in Glasgow and see any of us weirdos running about like lunatics, come talk to us and help us xD hahaha

With love, Cara.

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