Sunday, 12 September 2010

Mind = Dead.

Long time no speak, eh?
Someone just told me, that someone told them that a fear of heights can be caused because you are afraid you will throw yourself off a tall building. All of the people that were with me last Sunday are now fully aware of my extreme fear of heights. So, this means that i fear that someday, i will throw myself off a tall building. Therefore i am terrified of heights? Personally i think they're talking crap :'] But it kind of makes sense...In a way...I think.

Anyway, once again i do apologise for being lazy and not blogging (here we go again). I really hate doing these quick re-call of the last month posts. But i'm afraid i have no other choice. >.>

**Thinks really hard** What on earth have i even done in the last few weeks? **Strokes chin**

Oh, i got my bedroom re-painted. Then i started drawing on the walls of course xD
Saw Lostprophets for the 2nd time and Young Guns for the 3rd time. Oh, and i caught Young Guns' drumstick. Which made my whole week of course. <3
We hung out in Hamleys and met 'Elliot the Pimp' and did the YMCA with the staff.
I've been to 3 University Open Days: Glasgow Uni, Glasgow Caledonian and Edinburgh Uni.
We hung out in Hamleys again ('cause we're cool like that) and Morv hit a stranger in the face with a boomerang.
It was my mother's birthday.
And last but not least, went to Daryl's house party last night. Met a boy called Muffins who was awesome. Watched people play the xbox. Made an emotional pact with Connor. Climbed walls. Went to the skate park at 2am. Watched Muffins pole dance (he's surprisingly very skilled). And many other banterous memories (which i shall spare you the details on) before finally falling asleep with Sean over me at 5am for an hour or so. 'Twas a good night. :']
In truth, it's been a pretty shit month but to be honest, all this stuff, especially last night, has made up for it all. :]
Hope y'all have had a good month.
Until next time
Cara. <3
P.s. Like my new sexeh moustache? ;D

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  1. all of your posts start with I'm sory I haven't posted , don't worry about itt lol the inter net in not bothered about you punctualnes, any way if you like you can follow me back might learn a few things.