Thursday, 5 August 2010

Teenager Apocalypse..

Yes i'm back for another boring blog post. Can i just start by saying that my blog posts have the most random names ever? I'm sure you've noticed it as well. XD But anyways, the reason i'm blogging is 'cause the other day i posted what i expected my exam results to be. Today, i got the results. So now i get to compare my estimates, to what i actually got. When i read my results i was genuinely shocked about them. xD So here i go.

Art: A
Home Ec: A
Music: B
Modern Studies: B
Product Design: B
Biology: 2
Maths: 3

So yeah i'm really pleased with how i done actually. xD All i can think of is what Miss Anderson (my bitch of a product design teacher) thinks of me now considering she hated me. I'm pretty sure she thought i was going to fail. XD Hell, i was sure i was going to fail that :']
So i hope everyone else got the grades they were hoping for. <3
So yeah urmm i don't really have anything else to write about now. xD
So i shall go now.
Goodbye. <3

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