Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Cupcake Surgery..

Ohai there. It's August now. :3 Just thought i'd announce that xD Also, while i'm pointing out random things, i was just looking at my last blog post and has anyone else realised that i have the exact same smile in every photo ever taken of myself. I've noticed it. It's rather annoying XD
Anyways, back to what i'm meant to be writing about. The other day i found this tutorial thing on how to make a cute hat. And, due to a lack of anything better to do, i decided to dig up some old clothes, cut them up and make my own version of this hat. So yeah, there's a photo of my 'cat-hat'. It has cat ears. Just in case you can't see or aren't able to realise that from the name. xD

So after i made the hat i kind of got into the mood for making stuff y'know? Like a bit of a creative bug? Yeah so this blog is basically just going to show you some stuff i've made in the last few days. And yes, i have no life.
So i basically raided my dad's wardrobe to find old clothes. xD So yeah, i made this dress out of one of my dad's old baggy t-shirts. Not bad, eh? xD
I also stole 2 of my dad's shirts, my original plan being to make a dress out of them but that didn't work out. So now i've just kept them 'cause they're cool. :D

I made this headband purely because i had absolutely nothing else to do. Actually i was just putting off the stuff that i had to do. So here's a photo of me looking stupid while modelling this fabulous headband. XD

So on Wednesday we're having a birthday part for Morven so today my sister dragged me out of bed. Literally. So i was just like lying curled up into a ball screeching/roaring as she took away my pillows, cover, opened my curtains etc etc. So i eventually got up and then eventually we started preparing some food for the party. We made jelly :3 Making jelly reminds me of when i was a child. But anyways, we also made cupcakes. But not just any cupcakes. The coolest fucking cupcakes ever.
Yeah. Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes. It took us ages to do them (we made a bit too many of them)
We had this great system set up. I'd cut a chunk out of a cupcake big enough to fit a small cookie, my sister would ice it, i'd put a cookie in it's mouth, cover it with coconut (to give it the fuzzy look xD) and give it some eyes. It was so much fun.
So yeah that's everything interesting i've made recently. Hope you enjoyed reading about it. XD

I saw Hadouken on Friday along with Unicorn Kid and Darwin Deez. They were all fucking amazing. Seriously. I never thought i could love Unicorn Kid any more but it turns out i was wrong. xD So yeah they were great.

We get our exam results on Thursday. I'm not going to lie i'm absolutely terrified. See, when i'm revising for exams and sitting them i think to myself "Fuck it, i aint revising. I should just remember it all, it's basically just general knowledge innit?" and y'know. To be honest it works for me. Sometimes. So at the time i couldn't give a crap. But now it's results time i'm so scared 'cause now i think back at how shit i am at the subjects i took. Here's my rough guess at what my results will be:
Credit Maths: FAIL.
General Maths: 3:3 if i'm lucky.
Credit Biology: FAIL.
General Biology: ...Fail?
Home Ec: Maybe a B or an A (i don't want to sound over-confident 'cause then i'll fail xD)
Music: B **fingers crossed**
Art: C? Can you get a D? I did so badly xD
Modern Studies: FAIL.
Product Design: FAIL. (But i had 2 years worth of amazing banter in that class thanks to Amy and Kyle <3 The teacher was a bitch though, made it more fun XD)

And i think that's all the subjects i took? Maybe. Yeah. So i shall blog again with my results to compare.

Gosh this is such a long post. Sorry to bore you. xD I'm sure there was something else i was going to write but it's completely gone out of my head. Hrrrrrmmmm. Oh well. I shall leave you now. I can hear the sighs of relief xD
Goodbye m'darlings. <3

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