Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Why Can I Never Think Up Good Post Names?!

Hello again xD I know, this is like the most i've ever blogged consecutively. This post is just to express my happiness right now xD

So. Today was my product design exam. I'm pretty sure i did crap. But it was expected xD And now? I never have to worry about 'the subject from hell' ever again. I mean honestly. That subject has caused me so much stress these last two years. And now it's all over.
I spent the morning revising a tiny bit. Then i started making origami flowers with my product design notes. 'Twas fun. >:D

Then guess what we did after the exam? Yeah. Went to the park again xD We sunbathed **thumbs up** and then we made daisy chains :3 'Cause we're cool. So yeah it was a very, very good day :D

So you can have some more study leave photos xD  

Hey look! It's fake me!
They did that while i was in the exam xD
I wasn't even aware that photo was on my phone
We also made a fake Connor :3

So yeah. That's all i can be bothered to write about :]
So goodbye for now.
I love you all.

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  1. Prettttttyy :C I love that photo of you and Morv... I love the one of me and Megan too xxxxx xD