Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wait WHAT?! I'm sorry, repeat the question please.

Righty-o. Bloody hell i haven't blogged for ages. Lets give you a quick re-cap on what's happened in the last month.
Left for Florida on the 4th April. Tried to leave on the 18th. Eventually got back on the...28th left Florida on the 18th i think. Went from Florida to Houston, Texas. Houston to Newark, New York. Newark to Belfast. Then had a big argument in Belfast. Then got a ferry from Belfast to Scotland. So yeah. We had a great holiday.
I spent a whole day in the art department trying to finish my art folio. And, with the help of my completely utterly amazingly fantastical friends, i got it finished and sent away that day.
What else has happened? Oh. Exams and stuff. I got back at midnight the night before my music exam. So i was completely shattered. So i've done my music and maths exam. I never have to do maths in school EVER again. I'm happy about that.
I can't really think of anything else that's happened so now i'll move on to the reason i'm meant to be blogging today.
So. My mum was in talking to my sister about which university offer she's going to accept. So i was just sitting in my room. Y'know, as i do. Then. The next while went something like this.

Mum: Hi   Me: ...Hi.   Mum: D'you wanna move house?    Me: **silence** WHAT?!   Mum: **silence**   Me: Where to?!   Mum: I don't know anywhere...Timbuktu!   Me: WHY?!

I mean honestly. What the hell. She just stood there and i was like D: Before this day i was 99.9% that we would not move (as a family) again. I kept asking where we'd move to but she didn't suggest anywhere. I mean, as much as i hate where i live at times. I have all my friends near me. I have the train station which is great and will be good when i go to college or uni. We just have so many memories here. Swimming in the loch, the skate park, going for walks y'know. I'll miss it. Plus, i actually like my bedroom. This is the best room i've ever had.
So yeah. I just had to get this out of my system. I'm sure we wont move. It'll be too stressful for everyone.

So bye.

P.s. Looky! New purple hair! xD

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