Monday, 7 June 2010

Back To Hell..

**Sigh** Yup. Study leave is officially over. I am officially a 5th year. And this year of school is officially gunna suck.
I was freaking out about my new subjects and being stuck in classes with no friends. And honestly? There was no need to panic. xD
So extended regi. All of us nervously waiting for our new timetables. But first? A lecture from Mrs P.R about uniform changes. Yes! They're finally tackling the problem of the quality or should i say lack of clothes being worn by people. So i was quite up for a uniform change. Now? Not so much. They expect us to wear a high buttoned shirt with a tie. My shirts don't even button up high enough to wear a tie ¬.¬ But, it could be a hell of a lot worse. So yeah. Seeing how people deal with the change should be interesting.
So anyways, we got our new timetable and everyone frantically started shouting comparing them. So in Business Management and Hospitality i have Alex :] In English i still have Megan and Amy ^^ And in Art? I have Morv! <3 Music however. I got stuck with the worst teacher in the world. So i'm going to be discussing with teachers about moving to another class.
So yeah. Surprisingly happy with my timetable. ^^
Review of the first day back? Good so far.
But honestly. I don't know how i'm going to be able to put up with another year (or two) in that school without going completely insane. D:
So yeah.
Stay tuned.
This could get interesting.
Until next time, Cara. <3

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