Tuesday, 30 March 2010


So today. I headed over to the bus stop as per usual ready for school. It was snowing. So we were all in the small shelter chatting away. We were told that our bus hadn't even arrived at the first stop yet. So we waited. And waited. Then someone decided to just leave and assume the bus isn't coming and soon everyone ended up leaving and going home so Morv came over to ours. xD We were sitting in the living room for a while then we looked out the window just in time to see our bus drive past. So yeah. We phoned our parents and they just said we could have a 'snow' day. So y'know. We were just hanging out, chilling, being the idiots that we usually are ;D Then our school phoned and told us that the school was sending people home early. So yeah. Even if we'd gone into school we would have been sent home early ^^ The snow must be really bad up there considering the fact our school never lets us off school. So yeah i've had a very lazy day to be honest. I missed a modern studies NAB for the second time xD and i missed the product design deadline. That means my bitch of a teacher will kill me xD Oh well. :P

I deleted my old bebo account. I never ever went on it. Then i made a new one. No idea why. But yeah. I'm so cool that i only have one friend on it. xD Yes. It takes a special person to be that cool. :P So yeah. Add me, Killer_Crayon. You might be lucky enough to be my second friend! xD Hahaha.

So anyways. That's all i can blog about right now.
Speak to you soon.

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  1. Hahaha (: Cara, I loved that day. I missed you guys though.